PGT Limited .

PGT trades gold bullion and other precious metals privately for its founders and strategic global partners.

PGT owns mines sites throughout South East Asia and the Southern Pacific Rim. Active Exploration and production from raw material through to refined products. 



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Investment Advisory in precious metals

PGT is a full service precious metals broker dealer offering a two-way market towards the buying and selling of physical precious metals. We implement several different strategies once we have gained an understanding of key objectives, risk tolerance and time frames to include: Professional Portfolio Services - managed position trading models secured by physical Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. Physical delivery available in various fabricated forms. The primary objective is protecting wealth, PGT has the experience, expertise and resources available to serve most any investment needs in the precious metals market.


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Credit - Debit Cards

Our members can link offshore accounts to have Gold backed credit - Debit cards in multi-currencies.

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Welcome to PTG Limited

At PGT you will find courteous staff to assist and advise on all aspects of precious metal trading and live market opportunities daily.